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...and to think her fucking son will be king!!
Even great people like doctors enjoy the fine taste and quality of a carcinogenarette..
It was a good day's hunt, and both me and billy agreed that we'd come back again..
A very fine example of public sex here in good 'ol Nashville, Tn.!
Whatt every little girl should be doing...  buy these clothes!
I loooooooooove pets!!!!
Even famous cartoon characters revert to drugs...
Everybody remembers pooh-bear!!
Goose steppin' fer milk!!!!
Care for a smoke???
I see you!!!
Tysons feeding you...  like family
What the fuck?!??!
One of my earliest photos with santa, unfortunately he was sad and didn't want a photo..

Sometimes the best thing to do is to tell the truth...  wouldn't you agree?
A motivational poster from my dear teacher....